Can Tracking Data Be Applied and Scaled Up?

I replacing a computer monitor screen with 9 video windows on it (security cameras). I have perfect corner pin Mocha tracking data for one of the 9 windows, but the entire monitor itself is never onscreen to apply 4 corner pins to it. Is there a way to scale up what I have? Initial attempts at simple scaling don’t seem to hold up. It seems the perspective is not the same. (Could someone just do this for me?? :joy: ) Thanks in advance for any advice!


Use the surface tool, align it to the 3 sides of the monitor and eyeball the 4th side or use the Mocha Pro insert tool, make the screens an insert layer, take the opacity down, and align it that way. Try that and let me know.

Hi Mary - thank you so much for taking the time to help. I’m not clear on how to use the surface tool. Do I start over? I tried to adjust the surface tool on the Mocha AE layer with my existing tracking data and it did not go well.

The surface tool is a child of the track and moved with the track, you don’t need to use Adjust Track or Manual Track to simply move the surface. If the surface doesn’t behave, it’s because the track is not working correctly. The surface tool can be moved before or after tracking, all you have to do is turn the surface tool on and then move it.

If your insert object isn’t lining up with the surface then that’s another thing to adjust, but usually “fit to comp” in AE and then precomping that and using that as the insert layer works, but this is only for Mocha Pro. With Mocha AE you need to use corner pins instead but that won’t let you line up the screen in the same “what you see is what you get” way that you can with Mocha Pro.

This is a really good breakdown for getting your corner pin and insert to play nice: Boris FX | Mocha: Align Surface & Mismatched Resolutions