Can Vector points be moved manually,?

Hi, can these green points be moved or deleted manually,?
I’m sure i did this in the past, i thought it was in Mocha but then i was prompted by Mary in the Mocha forum section that it wasn’t Mocha, I then remembered the points were green,
I remember tracking something & being able to move the points to make the track less jittery but I’m struggling to remember which app i was using, I think i was tacking / adding a lens flare to something

Only if you use the Point Tracker.

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@Gid.Joiner are you referring to the Smooth track feature?

Hi, I’m aware of the smooth track feature, i know that can be applied many times, in the picture above that works well :+1: thankyou,
But last yr at some point i don’t remember when, i tracked my bros trike exhaust as it went down the street, that stayed closer to centre screen, the line with points on was sort of tangled, i could pick each point on the screen & delete it making the line flow more in a straight line or smoother curve i should say, i can’t remember if i was actually able to grab the point on screen but i thought i could, I remember sitting there painstakingly moving the points,
I haven’t tried the Point tracker yet that Marcus suggested,
I have the full Boris suite standalone + plugin so i get a bit lost sometimes :man_facepalming::joy::+1:

Ah right, yeah just the point tracker, on the frame you want to edit the track either physically move it or nudge it with the arrow keys.

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Thankyou, i’ll try later, my brain doesn’t work as well as it used to :blush::+1: