Can we disable the Render Finished chime?

As per the thread title. Is there any way to disable the Render Finished chime? I can see how some people might like that, but personally I’m not a fan of audio alerts as such.
Even a workaround, such as replacing some audio file with a silent file would be great. I can’t find any audio files in the install directory, however.
Thanks for giving away this incredible piece of software. So powerful! I’ve been wanting something like this for awhile, to make short clips to use in my music videos.

Currently, there is no way to disable the chime on completion of the render but we’ll add that as a feature request - we can add that option to the preference window easily enough.



Cool, thanks :smiley:

@PeterMcAuley Is there a file on disk that we could delete? :slight_smile: Or is the chime baked into some other asset that’s required? I went looking for an audio file but didn’t have the energy do more than search for wav and mp3

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I can ask engineering if it’s a locally accessible file and if so I’ll send you the location.