Can you do a Sign Replace with just Mocha AE? (No access to insert clip module)

Hey y’all!
Its been awhile, but im back in the saddle with Mocha!
So I have a general question. I am trying to do a sign replace from a drone shot, which I included screenshots of. I understand that this can be done easily with the Insert Module clip, by creating a clean plate, and doing the align surface tool to insert whatever in its place…but I only have Mocha AE. Is there a way to do it with just using Mocha AE?

I was able to get a good track using that funky L shape, since the sign goes off frame. I then used an actual rectangle shape to link to that track. Problem is, I can get the mask in AE, but if I try to precompose it, the new sign does not follow the same perspective. I get that I need the tracking data for this, from the planar surface. But my planar surface does not “stick” to that specific rectangle shape size. Am I doing something wrong? I thought the planar surface just had to be in the same plane, not necessarily the same size as the object that needs replacing. Does this make sense?

And I will do the free trial if there are no other alternatives. Just wanted to ask, as some places i’ve worked at will not buy the Mocha Pro (Which I think is friggin awesome)…
Anyways, glad to be back at it, and please let me know if you need any clarification. Any help is always greatly appreciated! Seriously, you all help me out a lot! So thanks for all advice!

Hi there,

This sounds like your patch isn’t the right aspect ratio. See this tutorial for a workflow (precom wise) that will help your corner pin line up: Boris FX | Align Surface and Mismatched Resolutions

You will need to still use the Mocha AE plugin to apply the data as opposed to copying and pasting however.


Hey Mary,

Awesome, I took a look at that, and that definitely helped. I look at that tutorial, but it didnt resolve my planar surface not sticking–but then I remembered you saying that the track needs to be rock solid, so I went back and re-checked the track itself, and retracked it just for the heck of it… The first track I initially did go over a tree, for a second, and that made the track a little wonky (I didnt think that would be an issue for Mocha)…So I changed the X-Spline to two shapes, and excluded the 3d sign itself, since maybe that isn’t really a true planar surface? I did that, and the planar blue box stayed in the area that I wanted it to.

Thank you very much for all the help! Lookin forward to the next webinar and tutorial!

Thanks Mary

Yes, the tree definitely would have been on a different plane and thrown the track off.

And yes, the sign is 3D so it’s also multiplanar and it is reflective and that might also have been a contributing factor.

I am glad you are all sorted out!