Can You Help Me Solve This Footage And Get It To Maya

Hi and thanks who can help me.

I tried to track this footage, its said my track quality is 98 %.

But in Maya it doesnt work good, its come very big and spread and i can’t use it.

I want the camera to move and manly to track the table .(My vision is a landing helicopter that comes from the top of the window:) )

- YouTube - This is the Footage.

If you can make a video tutorial how to track this footage that would be awsome!!! (just the project file is awsome as well ).

Thanks !

Hi there,

The camera solver works for the nulls, but it won’t give you an accurate full scene solve, just an accurate solve for the location of your surface tools. So you have to hook objects up to only those positions. If you need a full scene solve, you’ll need to use a traditional camera tracker. The 98% solve you got is what we consider to be a good solve. So if you need to put text, particles, and objects into the scene, it should work for you. If you need a full set, you’ll need to try a different solver.

Let me know if you have any more questions and I will be happy to help you.

Thanks for the quick replay :slight_smile:

So for placing the object on the table I have to only track the table and not the entire scene ?



Yes, exactly. If you have parallax in your camera though you need to have one more plane to track to compare the two and get a solve.