Can you track the shadow of a helicopter and moving blade

HI There

i am wondering!
other then manually,
is there a way (easy preferred) to track a helicopter shadow in Mocha pro and its spinning blade? can shadows even be tracked?

i am trying to place the company logo on their hanger door as we take off.

but in the clip there is little area in my tracking area that the blade’s shadow doesn’t pass over my tracking locations options many times

Thanks for you help

For the shadow, try translation only. You might get it. If not, track the helicopter and see if you can offset the shape to the shadow.

Try that?



i had some luck doing the offsetting the shape on the shadow of the copter using the track from the cockpit. but it is the spinning helicopter blade shadow that messing things all up.

i tried doing the same shot from footage on a cloudy day, (no shadows), it worked pretty well until it didnt. the last sec few seconds as the cockpit track then it got squashed a the top of the hanger door.

i am new, so i must have missed a step or something.
but i will get trying, its a good lesson

Thanks again Mary