Cannot escape Learning Mode

Despite having a valid license I get the error ""There was a licensing error and Mocha Pro is running in unlicensed learning mode " when opening Mocha Pro from my Avid timeline. I click the option to activate my license which is says is successful. It then closes and when I reopen it, it says the exact same error. I have re-installed, downloaded and older version, reset my license, all to no avail. I have logged a support request for this but this is urgent and I wondered if anyone has had this issue and figured out a fix as I have not heard back from support. Anyone else had this?

Hi there,

Can you try activating this from the Boris FX Application Manager and not from Mocha? We have been seeing some errors in Avid and this is a pretty reliable workaround.

I’ll try that now Mary. Thanks

Hi Mary, unfortunately that hasn’t helped. It still gives me the license error when i open the effect
Screenshot 2022-02-17 at 19.09.56

Hi Andi, email me at maryp at and send me the best number to reach you at, I will call since you’re in a crunch.

Resolved by Mary. Great support, thanks all!

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