Cannot open file in mocha ae (CC2017)


I have an adobe ae project that I am trying to use the Mocha AE feature the file is a .AVI format one that is supported by the program.

When I select ‘Track in mocha ae’ the program opens however it doesnt seem to read my file and when i try to import the clip it says its either corrupted or in an unsupported format. - its a .AVI format and works on all other programs so i am unsure why this is happening?

There are certain types of codecs and file types that mocha does not support, usually native, unprocessed codecs off of cameras and AVIs on Windows. You may need to convert the file to something mocha supports, such as quicktime or AVI with a basic codec or an image sequence. If your screen is black or white for clips but not for images, it is most likely the codec for the movie files that is causing the issue.

Keep in mind the Codec is not the same thing as the file type, it sounds like you have a codec problem with DNXHD. A codec is the type of compression, the file type is AVI or MOV. It sounds like your supported AVI is encoded with a problematic codec for mocha.

The Mocha Pro plugin eliminates this problem by reading from and writing to the host timeline.

This exact same thing is happening to me, except my file is an .MP4 file, I’ve also tried with a .mts file and had no luck…
How do I convert my videos so that they are usable in Mocha AE?

You can use adobe media converter or any other program that can render to batch out your MP4s as frames or basic compression MOV files.

Had same problem on Windows 10. The solution that worked for me was downloading Quicktime, which can be found on Apple’s website. Footage opened (mostly) fine after installing Quicktime onto PC.

Definitely if you don’t have the Quicktime codecs mocha can’t read .mov files properly.

If I may add to this discussion: you don’t need to be concerned about the security risks reported for QuickTime under Windows. These only exist if you use the player (you can even delete it, if you are paranoid about it). You’ll only use the codec part.
Plus, you can re-wrap MP4 files to MOV without any quality loss and very high speed with a program like MP4toQT. There are many others, all of them based on ffmpeg, AFAIK.

But on a weaker machine it makes sense to transcode them to a MOV with ProRes or DNxHR as a codec.

Yes, that is true.