Cannot open S_LensFlare Preset Browser in DaVinci Resolve fusion tab

When I click on the Load Preset button in the Inspector panel after adding S_LensFlare as a node in the fusion tab, the Preset Browser doesn’t open and I can see the following messages on the console.

Warning: OFX Plugin S_LensFlare reports thread safety of OfxImageEffectRenderUnsafe. This is not supported in Fusion, and use of this plugin may result in instability.

Sapphire Error:

Error sending data to Preset Browser

However, the preset browser does open properly for color tab nodes.

Is there a compatibility issue with this particular version of DaVinci Resolve ? Looking for ways to fix this problem. Thanks in advance.

This is one of the reasons that we say that the Fusion tab in Resolve is not yet supported by Sapphire. Some things work fine, but then things like this show up.