Cannot rearrange layers and bug in image borders

The layers cannot be rearranged also image borders show black lines through the image

Welcome Steve. Before you can move a layer, there are two requirements: 1) A filter must be applied and 2) The Effect Window must be large enough on the right side where you can drag the border of the layer. The cursor will turn into a hand an you can drag the layer.

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Many thanks Marco … this piece of information is not included in the introductory video. I love the immense possibilities the program offers but it is rather “clunky” and is lacking certain refinements but l imagine it will improve over time … l already use it regularly in my workflow

@stevelyles_f71b5-2-2 Definitely spend some time with the user guide as the videos can only cover so much. The knowledge gained in the tutorials and reference sections will hopefully make Optics seem less “clunky” to you. Believe it or not, this product has been developed under various names for the last 15 years or so and has been constantly refined and this will continue. All Boris FX products have periodic updates and feature releases, so expect to see new features and filters.

If you have any suggestions to make Optics better, please feel free to provide input in the forums.