Cannot Undo Track

Hello, I’m still relatively new to Mocha, and for the most part I can figure things out on my own. Though I’m not sure how to solve this problem.

I am currently tracking a shape just for a simple mask, I make a few key frames then track. The track is jumping around a bit, which is okay, but I would like to undo the tracking data to remove the blue bit on the timeline, adjust and re-track. The only issue though is that I can’t “Undo Track in Current Frame or Undo Track in All Frames” because they are greyed out. In a tutorial I was watching they suggested in general to undo tracks and renders to prevent the program from working on top of previous renders and tracks, which is why I’m now dealing with this problem. I did try deleting the track via the dope sheet as another post suggested, but that did not work either. Just not sure what I’m doing that’s preventing from using this function. Otherwise I’m stuck fighting the jump by manually adjusting the track, which makes it not so smooth -as usually less keyframes the better.

Thank you for any input.

Just track right back over the top. The keys will re-write.

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Alright, Thank you.