Cannot use FreeHand Tool (click and drag not working)

This is making me absolutely insane. For some reason, I cannot use the freehand tool. Every tutorial is saying you just need to click hold and drag to create a line. When I do this, it yields no results.

Please halp.

What input are you using? Wacom or Mouse?

If wacom, simply press down and continue drawing if your tablet pen is configured as a click when the pen is pressed. For the mouse, press the left click down while you draw and keep it held down.

Please let me know if you continue to have issues and I will be happy to help you.


I’m using the mouse that came with this Mac. I just tried that, still not working :sweat: (secondary click is enabled) also found this interesting, not sure if it is relevant: The tool isn’t next to the other pen tools where it’s supposed to be (under any setup: classic, essentials, etc.) In order to find it I had to go to Tools > Magetic Tool > Freehand etc

What version of Mocha are you using and can you send me a screenshot?

If you don’t have the icons in the toolbar, It sounds like you are using Mocha AE, not Mocha Pro.
The magnetic and freehand tools are not available in that version, but there is a bug that shows the tool options in the menu. These are null menu items. They will not load the tools for Mocha AE.