Can't activate Mocha Pro in Vegas Pro 18

I wanted to take advantage of the Black Friday sale to get the Sapphire + Mocha Pro OFX bundle to use with my Vegas Pro 18.

First, I had a problem because when I went to the Boris cart checkout I couldn’t find any pay now button, and so couldn’t buy it on your website. I went to the reseller Toolfarm and luckily they had a pay button and the sale went through OK.

I installed Sapphire and put in the serial number and it activated. I installed Mocha Pro, which I think has to be activated from within Vegas, but when I put in the serial number I got the message “This license is for a different host product. Can not install it here”.

I am pretty sure I downloaded the correct file from Toolfarm. Can you help me sort out what is wrong and get Mocha activated?

Having the same issue activating from within Flame… ALSO a ‘Black Friday’ sale purchase, Mocha Pro OFX plugin…getting the same response, “This license is for a different host product, cannot install it here”

Can you please try to choose the activate license from the host UI (should be a button in Flame interface instead of from within the Mocha UI)? This is a known bug and will be fixed very soon. For now, bringing up the license window from the host before launching the Mocha interface And then activating — should resolve the issue.

OK, thank you for clarifying the workaround.

I was confused about what this was, until I noticed that Mocha Pro offers a licence and registration button before the UI is launched. I clicked on that and finally, I got the message that my license has been activated! Thank you.