Can't create spline after stabilize

Hello, I am new to the forum and haven’t used the new mocha since its predecessor monet, so this is most likely an operator error.

I am watching a video on lynda dot com where the instructor stabilizes the shot, rotos, then inverts the data. This is the way that I like to work. However, when I stabilize the shot and try to create a new roto shape, I cannot. It “snaps” out of the stabilize tab, just like in the video, but that is it. I click on the create x-spline button then click on the frame to draw a new shape and it jumps to frame one and won’t create anything. I went to frame one, and still coudln’t create a shape. I did find a less than optimal workaround where I can add an x-spline to the current layer, but I would really like to just be able to draw on a new layer.

Overlays and autokey are turned on (mentioned in another section of this forum). Does anyone have any ideas?

Thank you in advance

Hi there,

OK, you might want to look into checking and seeing if your video card has an update available on the manufacturer’s website. Or, if you recently updated, rolling back one version.

You can also try turning hardware rendering on or off in preferences.


Wonderful! Glad to help. And yes… I also just updated the nvidia driver a week or so ago and it has been very wonky. So I am probably also going to roll back.


quit program, start program. Apparently an openGL issue?

Thank you for the reply. I think you are correct. I installed nVidia’s latest beta driver 3 weeks ago to solve a realflow issue. It is a bit buggy.

Thank you and the Imagineer team for such a great library of instructional videos and webcasts. I have been able to get up and running very quickly with this amazing software in no time thanks to you guys (and Steve Wright’s awesome vids).