Can't create two spline masks in pixel chooser on a clip

This question comes in the setting of using pixel chooser mask on a given effect.

Using Mocha to create a spline layer as a mask to hide a given effect works well so long as you create ONE spline layer within Mocha; however, when I attempt to create TWO spline layers within Mocha for two independent masks at different TIMES during the clip; as I export this back into the Host (AE), both masks are “always on” at the same time, even though the tracking data for them within Mocha clearly has them being applied at different times during the clip, i.e, in my mind, they should be “on” during specific times that tracking data is applied and then “turn off” when the tracking data is not applied, instead they are always on - this seems to be bugged; however, when I switch back to only using one mask it comes on when the tracking data is applied and then turns off when it is not applied, like one would expect.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank You -

You can turn off layer visibility in the plugin interface, that should fix your issue.

Thank you for the response Mary.

Won’t turning off layer visibility in the plug-in end up resulting in “erasing the mask” i just created when the spline tool once I return to the host (After Effects); Isn’t the point to create the roto mask shape in Mocha using the spline tool and then specifically leave the layer visibility switched on so that the mask is there when I save and go back into the host after effects?

Thanks for helping with my novice confusion


It won’t erase anything, it just makes it not visible. And you can do it right inside the plugin interface, you don’t have to open Mocha to do it, even though Mocha should save whatever visibility you have in Mocha too.