Can't Deactivate Mocha Pro Plugin With Application Manager

I’ve found myself in the fortunate predicament where I now have two computers in separate locations that I frequent. So it made sense to install the Boris FX Application Manager to deactivate/reactive licenses when I move between. It works as expected with Continuum/Sapphire and Silhouette but doesn’t with Mocha Pro for some reason. It doesn’t recognise them (Adobe & OFX Plugins) as activated and when I try to activate it says “this license is for another host product, cannot install it here.”

Just wondering if this is a bug or if there’s another reason for it. I thought it might be because my support has lapsed, but it has also for Silhouette (will be renewing both in less than a fortnight) so that can’t be it. It’s not a massive hassle as I can simply fire up AE and deactivate there but then it kind of defeats the object of using the License App to do so with all products.

Sorry for this. The App Manager is currently being worked on and we should be releasing an update soon. Curious what type of license you have, as we initially had some issues with “bundle” licenses.

If you are in a pinch, you should be able to login to your Boris FX account:

and then hit reset license:

Note this is used as a last resort as customers have limited resets available. Alternately, the best way to deactivate until app mgr works better is to deactivate from within the Mocha interface.

If you can share more details about your license with me, it might help to improve the process.
Thanks for your patience.

Hi, it’s a Mocha Pro multi-host (adobe and ofx) perpetual license.