Can't disable license for Mocha Pro 2019.5 using App Man

This is really annoying. I want to deactivate the license on my desktop so that I can activate it on my laptop and yet App Man reports that both the AVX and OFX plugins are in use (which they aren’t - a fresh reboot and stopped the Avid background services).

Anyone else seeing this?

Hi there,

Are you using the v6.1.1 update to 2019.5?

Yes - I believe so, however, have now moved to a remote location and am not able to confirm (this is why I needed to deactivate the license). I was able to deactivate BCC and Sapphire so there’s that. I won’t be back to my desktop for a week.

By your question I presume that you folks had some sort of bug related to licence activation of Mocha in the 6.1.0 release - is that so?

A number of problems with licensing were addressed in v6.1.1, so the problem you’re seeing may have been fixed.

I’m pretty sure that I upgraded from 6.0 to 6.1 and then later on to 6.1.1 - perhaps the upgrade from 6.0 to 6.1 made it impossible to deactivate my license. What should I do? I presume uninstalling Mocha Pro plugins will prompt for deactivation but will probably fail as well…

Any suggestions for recovery from this (assuming that I really did install the 6.1.1 update)?

It sounds like support will have to reset your license for you, you can call our office here (m-w, 9-5 est): 1-888-77-BORIS.

Or open a case here: Boris FX | Open a Case

Will do - thanks Mary (and Martin, of course).


To close the loop (almost), support was great - they reset my license so that I could be up and running on my remote location. I still have not deactivated my license on my desktop but when I return I’ll try uninstalling mocha on that machine to see if that can deactivate the license. At least I’m up and running on my laptop system. Thanks to Mary and Martin as well.


Glad you are all set!

I dont understand why BorisFX cant make license activation/deactivation possible by users directly from the web site without the need to contact support or setting up your own license server. This would make things like this so much smoother. Ask FXHome how to do it if you cant figure it out yourselves.

Hey, the folks at BFX are awesome. They will get you hooked up.

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You can currently do it yourself through the BFX license manager or the software itself usually, but if you’re having trouble, then it is time to call support. In this case, it was a bug.

I’d like to add some further information to this. The bug in 6.1.1 still exists (Windows 10 1903, at least). Having resolved the original issue via Boris Support resetting my license so that I could activate Mocha Pro on my laptop, when I returned home I needed to transfer the license back to my desktop. I found that if I try to use the App Manager to deactivate Mocha Pro 6.1.1 Multi-license, it reports that both AVX and OFX plugins are in use (which they are absolutely not). I reproduced this on both my desktop and laptop, both running Mocha Pro 6.1.1. The only way around this is to uninstall both the AVX and OFX plugins and then use App Manager to deactivate the license.

I do hope that the developers can resolve this because having to uninstall the plugins first is not nearly as useful. Thanks.

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Thank you, that helps. I will let @PeterMcAuley know about the app manager and we will loop @martinb in on the Mocha dev side of things.