Can't find saved Mocha AE data after undo


I made a rotoscope in Mocha AE, saved it and closed it.
Then in After Effects CC 2019 I clicked Create AE Masks and the masks appeared.
However, they were in the wrong part of the timeline so I clicked undo.
I unwittingly clicked undo twice and when I went back to Mocha, all the rotoscoping is gone!
Is the data saved somewhere because I cannot find it??

You’ll have to click redo and save the AE file. Since Mocha is a plugin, you save the Mocha file and you need to save the AE file once it is closed.

The redo command was grayed out.

I managed to find a mostly intact version of the rotoscope in one of my after effects auto saves.

Thank you for letting us know. This might be something we can make more useful in the future. I will bring this to ( @martinb ) Martin’s attention, for subsequent versions.

This sounds like After Effects deleted the effect and as a result removed the data.
We have something upcoming in Mocha Pro that may alleviate this, so it will probably eventually migrate over to the Mocha AE version.

Thanks Martin and Mary.

Yes. The Mocha plug-in was still on the clip but the roto data was completely gone and After Effects’ redo command was disabled.