Can't get a trial license for Sapphire?

I have Continuum and was interested in exploring Sapphire to see if it was something I may want to consider purchasing. So I downloaded the trial and after received a prompt to contact support to acquire a trial license that would temporarily remove the watermark.

Contacted support close a week or more now and still no response.

I know it’s the Holiday season but I would have expected some type of response.

Anyone know how to get the trial license???

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trial license = watermark

Thanks for the response but that answer isn’t entirely correct. The trial license “removes” the watermark for a designated period of time per BorisFX.

After the activation of the trial license has expired, the watermark will again be applied.

I finally received the trial license from support. Thanks for your response

im w the same problem

I have the same Problem with Saphire and Continuum. i want test it, but that’s very anoying and so much time waisting to figure it out. i can not use it with: MacBook Pro M1 pro Venture 13.1