Can't get this to pin, please look?

Hi! So i’ve been using mocha AE for a little bit and can’t wait to upgrade to pro soon. It’s quite amazing. I did two shots from this same commercial, and the first one came out amazingly. I tried to do another shot from the same sequence, so same type of plates, etc. It’s a removal of the rust patch on the concrete. I painted a clean frame from frame zero. As you can see, Mocha is solid as a rock . The grid doesn’t move, i’ve used the subtract layer to have the opening door not mess up the track. When i copy and paste the track data of my rust patch into a null in AE, it’s just not doing well. I’ve tried exporting Corner Pin Only and also Supports Motion Blur, it’s just shifting a lot. It is pasted in on the right frame, and the clean plate was painted in perspective. Would love any advice!

After Effects Track