Can't import Pro Res or Quitcktime Animation via AE

Hi Mary,

I actually use Mocha Pro 4.1 and AE CC 2015 (13.5) .

Yesterday I tried to sent to a .mov from AE to Mocha via Animation/Track in Mocha AE but I received this errors:

Mocha doesn’t recognize AE files. The same thing occurs for a QT Animation…

Then I converted the clip (or better, a selection of a clip…) in a simple JPEG SEQUENCE, and it worked, and only the selection I made in After effects is marked in Mocha to be tracked!


The problem is to convert and recovert my clip in a sequence, cause I edit them as video in Premiere pro.



Sorry, the first image was this one:


Please help…!

What is wrong…?


Hey Simone. What is the error you’re getting? The screenshots are very small, but they look like everything is working ok?
What codec is your Quicktime - is it Animation?

Oh sorry, just read your subject line - Prores and Animation codec.