Can't install the demo of continuum FCPX, installer crashes

No way ti even install the demo of continuum, installer crashes, I’m on Catalina 10.15.4


I believe I just sent an email to you in Support, but in case you do not receive it, here is what I would recommend —

What might be taking place is that the interface of the installer is failing to load, so I think bypassing this would be the best approach.

To do this, quickly Quit FCPX (and Motion, if installed), and launch the Terminal application. Then, inside the Terminal, type or paste: “sudo installer -target / -pkg” (minus the quotes) – Then, before hitting Enter/Return, drag and drop the Installer .pkg file for BCC FxPlug, so the line, in the Terminal, should look something like this:
sudo installer -target / -pkg /Volumes/Continuum_2020_Apple_Final_Cut_13_5_1/Continuum\ 2020\ Apple\ Final\ Cut\ 13.5.1\ Installer.pkg

Then, hit Enter/Return, and this will carry out the installation without the attempt to draw the installer GUI. Just note that the Terminal might ask you to input your OSX password, but otherwise, once you tell it to carry out the process via this command, the process should be automated.