Can't Make Inserted Video Play (Just Stays a Still Frame): Insert Module

I’m slogging through a steep learning curve with Mocha Pro and have hit a roadblock.
I have a rock solid track on a window in a building facade into which I want to place a video of people moving.
Mocha Pro (both 2019.0 & .5 plugin for After Effects) only displays the first frame, no matter if it’s a .mov file or a composition or a folder of DNG files.
I tried rendering out a sequence of TIFFs but each of those is still only the first frame of the video file. This answer didn’t help me.
I can provide screen shots but maybe it’s something simple…here’s hoping.

Sounds Familiar. Happened on and off for me too. Did you see my other thread much later with the same issue?

That solved it for me.

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Are you importing the insert clip via the “Import” option or via the Insert Layer option?
What is your frame offset?

Hey @andrew1 I had not seen that. So, yes…

Go to your Clip module and select the insert clip, then change the “Before Start” and “After End” to “Loop” rather than “Repeat”.

…did work, after some experimentation. I’m glad I finally asked because this was a real dead-end.

Hi @martinb
Re import: I have done about a thousand things to get this to work so I think I brought the clip in via the dropdown menu then imported. Is that right or wrong?

Re frame offset: Uh, pathetic n00b here. I’m not sure? Here is a screen shot that maybe answers your question and why is that important?

If you import it from the file menu, the insert will always start at zero, which means if it is shorter than 336 frames, you’re probably only seeing the end. This is a bug, as the insert should start from the same offset frame as the source clip.

If you import it from Insert Layer (if you’re using the plugin version), it should be offset to the start.