Can't move seek bar in mocha

Hey guys,

I am new to mocha and AE in general. But I have used mocha before and never encountered this problem before. If you look at the picture, you can see that I am not able to move throughout my clip. I know this must be something simple that I am missing.

Pic attaching isnt working: I start in AE, track in mocha, then when i get to mocha. i can only see the first frame of my clip and i cannot move the seek bar to see any other frames. it is stuck.

It is possible when you send it to mocha, the frame range is not updating. When you start the new project, is the frame range correct in the New Project dialog?

Also check your in and out points when you start. When you bring over your footage with “Track in mocha AE” it will automatically set the in and out points to the ranges you have set in the Composition.

the range stays at 0 to 0. I cannot change it for whatever reason and i tried the in and out points but nothing.

This usually means that mocha cannot read the frame range, normally when trying to load an MP4 or similar compressed file from hardware sources such as camera cards. Some MP4 files are not read well in earlier versions of mocha.
In version 4 we extended the mpg reading to support problem files like this, but if you are using the Adobe bundled version in AE, this does not have that support yet.

You may need to convert this particular file to another format to read correctly in the version you are on. We recommend a format like Animation, or use an image sequence with the same frame rate, such as JPG or TIF. You can work with the original file in After Effects, but can track with the converted file.

i have the bundled in AE cs6. where can i get just mocha 4 to work with cs6?

We have mocha Pro and mocha Plus that are separate upgrades you can purchase from this site.

Each have extended features on the mocha AE version. You can read up on both of them here: