Can't open mocha project

Using Mocha pro 3.1.1
I have a mocha project (worked a full day on it), which can’t be opened.

Here is what happens:
I open the mocha file and get a “Relink Clip - Media unavailable” dialogue (see attached image A)
I clicked Choose… and navigated to where the TGAs are, select the first TGA file of the sequence and click open.
I wait a few seconds then click ok in the dialogue.
Mocha error comes up: Failed to open file Path…/shot.02_.tga: file not found

I noticed that in the dialogue’s clip field the frame range is [0…0] (see attached image B). I can’t edit the clip field and the import frame fields below are greyed out. If I click in the folder field the “ok” button greys out too.

I get the same error on all 20 versions of my mocha project, including the unaltered 26KB version made by default when I first imported the sequence into mocha.
I created all these versions a few days ago without closing mocha and there was no problem at the time.

I have an old version of mocha 2.2.0 for AE CS5, which gives the same problem.

The TGAs are not corrupted as I made a fresh mocha project with them in mocha 3.1.1, saved it, restarted mocha, opened the fresh mocha file and it loads fine.

Within this fresh mocha project I also tried to merge the problematic project but mocha comes up with the following error:

Project parameters don’t match:
Image size (0x0) does not match this project (1920x1080)
Clip length (0) does not match this project (300)
Film type ([0x0]) does not match this project (custom [1920x1080])

Please help!

Hi there,

Can you please email me the file and I will see if I can figure out what is wrong with it?