Can't remove simple object. Help

Hello. I am trying remove single object from footage, but i can’t. I watch all manuals and tutorials, but object does not removing at all. Can you say me, what s wrong with me?

Win7x64 mocha pro 5.2.1 (single or ae plugin)


My workflow video -


You have to make at least one clean plate which you didn’t do.

Yes, if you do not give mocha enough information to replace the subject with, such as when your subject is stationary and has nothing moving behind them, you have to invent the data to go behind your subject. You will need to paint a cleanplate in order to get this to work.

Ohh my god, now i am undestand how it works. I thoght, that it’s like healing brush in photoshop, but now i know, that mocha try get information from bg and put it on plase, when removable object release this area. Thank you!

Fantastic! Its working!


Another simple qwesion: how i can use cascaded mocha? I’m add one plugin in AE to my seqwens, remove some objects and than add another mocha plugin to remove somthing that use data after first mocha removing?

You can either turn the gears on in two layers for a dual remove inside of one plugin OR you can simply stack plugins. You might need to precompose the layer first and then move all the attributes into the new composition, depending on how complex your remove is.