Can't see motion blur in mocha pro 2019 trial version

when i enable motion blur in the edge properties i can’t see it in the alpha channel.
Can you tell me why?
Thank you

What version of Mocha are you in? Where are you looking to see Motion Blur when you are missing it? I need more information. Are you using the “matte for layer X” selection in the viewer dropdown menu? It won’t show up in the regular interface, you have to view the matte or render it, or apply the matte in your host to see.


Hi i’m using mocha pro 2019 plugin for after effects (trial version). I apply motion blur for a layer but when I select “Matte for Layer 0”, for example, I can only see the black and white image without blur around the shape. Can I apply motion blur also to a still shape, a shape that is not tracked and which i use only for a frame?

No, motion blur needs tracking data to apply the motion blur, so that might be your problem right there.

Thank you