Can't tracking this plane

whenever I track from that specific location, it is never fixed. always moving

it happens this

What is it you’re trying to track? the bars or the wall?
You need to learn about ‘planes’, different surfaces,
you can’t track the bars & the wall behind with a single tracking spline
try watching this from Boris

I trying to track the bars

Ok then you need to just select the bars,
the way you have it you’re tracking the wall behind & the path, as well as the bars & Mocha is confused,

When posting you need to inc the settings in Mocha on the video so people can see what you have it set at, & I might be wrong but tracking those bars in that video with camera moving like that isn’t going to be an easy one either,

Each one of the parts i’ve coloured is a plane,
I don’t know about the round bar whether you’d call that 1 plane because you see different sides of it.

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Alright I’ll do it, I’ll update it so you can see how it’s getting