Can't undock panes in Mocha

I have two monitors, and would like to have my work panes on a monitor other than the image pane.

Here’s the problem. WHen I undock the pane and try to move it to another window, the pane immediately snaps back to the master image pane. I can undock the pane and put it behind the master pane, but can’t move it to another window.

Frustrating. I have all this screen real estate and can’t use it.

If it’s running as a plugin the software actually doesn’t allow us to do that. We have it logged as a feature request but it tends to be baked into the architecture. You should be able to move the whole window to the second monitor, but not the individual panels.


It’s kind of flaky too…somtimes it works, but not consistently…

Can you be more specific about flaky? Mocha is a planar tracker, so if you’re tracking multiplanar objects in one shape or are tracking something with an inconsistently moving texture you might have poor results. Have you watched our series on Getting Started with Mocha? It might help. Watch these in order and they should make using Mocha very easy. Boris FX | Videos

Have a great day,

OH…I’m SORRY! I didn’t mean Mocha was flaky…I’ve been using Mocha for a long time (10+ years)…I meant the UI stuff was flaky…the moving the window stuff. Sometimes it WILL let me put a pane in another window. Sometimes not.

I’m a HUGE Mocha fan…one of the most important tools in my kit…someday I’d love you to do a master class…It’s so powerful…I couldn’t have done this movie without it…

You can undock them and move them within the window to new areas to create a better layout for your needs, but you can’t have them separate from the main window.

Obviously we’d love to change that, since many of us work in dual monitor as well. :slight_smile:

Oh, we are not offended. :slight_smile: I just wanted to get to the bottom of flakiness so we can find a solution. I am glad it has helped with your movie!