Can't use menu

It loads just won’t let me use the drop down menu at the top. Files,edit, etc…

Is this still a problem for you?

Does using the Ctrl+1 shortcut fix it for you?

Also, as Jason posted in another topic:

There is another workaround you can try in this situation when the Particle Illusion menu bar is not displayed on Windows:

-Hover the mouse over the PI app icon in the the OS taskbar at the bottom of the screen). Let it hover for a second or two.
-You will see a thumbnail view of the app window show up after hovering
-Right click on that thumbnail view. (Note you’re not clicking on the app icon in the taskbar but instead right clicking on the thumbnail that pops up after hovering.)
-This should pop up a Windows menu with options for Restore/Minimize/etc. Choosing Restore should then let you move PI to the alternate monitor.