Careful with Video Blocks

Careful with the advertising partner offers “Video Blocks” because after 7 days will be charged a complete year, whatever your attention to the left, they are ruthless.:rolleyes:
Here is an exchange of e-mail or I simply remove the name to preserve identity each.
you can appreciate, here it is a discount offer Moka that was misinterpreted.

XXX Apr 04 09:22 am (EDT):
Unfortunately, you are not eligible for a refund due to the fact you had downloads and did not cancel within the 7 day free trial.

XXX, Apr 03 02:24 pm (EDT):

thank you to immediately terminate this subscription!
mail with the discount code Moka was not clear.
I can pay immediately 3 months $ 14.89 Total $ 44.69
Thank you to tell me of the modality payement $ 44.69
and termination this subscription to Video Blocks
Yet sorry for the inconvenience.

XXX, Apr 02 04:10 pm (EDT):
It is stated that you will be billed annually. It is $178/per year. You are not eligible for a refund because you had this account since January.

XXX, Apr 02 11:31 am (EDT):
$178/per year or $14.84/per year ?
For me, this contract is $ 14.84/per year
Otherwise, thank you to immediately terminate this subscription!
mail with the discount code Moka was not clear.
sorry for the inconvenience

XXX, Apr 01 04:35 pm (EDT):
It is a automatic generated e-mail. You already have an account with us with that offer.

XXX, Apr 01 03:55 pm (EDT):
I was beginning accession course this account using the discount offered by Mocha pro.
The link in the email of advertising does not work properly … thank you for my status on my account in accordance with this offer Mocha pro.
just $14.84 (billed annually) offered by Mocha pro.see attached pdf

XXX, Apr 01 10:01 am (EDT):
You already have an account for the discounted rate. $178/per year.

XXX, Mar 30 03:02 pm (EDT):
I have a Discount Code that allows a reduction in special Mocha pro.
This Discount Code is taken into account in my annual subscription?
“…If you create an account on right now, you will save 80% on an entire year of unlimited downloads to over 50,000 clips of motion backgrounds, video clips, music and more:
Unlimited Downloads: 80% Off (Enter Code: SPECIAL80OFF) is normally $79 per month, but you will pay just $14.84 (billed annually) if you signup now.
To take advantage of this limited offer, simply enter the code below during registration:
Your 80% Discount Code: SPECIAL80OFF…”

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