Catalina support?

According to the FAQ, Continuum is not compatible with Mojave. That info is outdated as of Continuum 2019.0.1 and later, which do work on Mojave.

Now that Catalina is out, the question is of course: is Continuum (FCPX) compatible with Catalina? If not, is there an expected release date for this?


Hi Ben,

As you mention in your post, the FAQ that you’re referencing regarding Mojave is quite stale now and has a posting date of Sept 2018. I can ask someone in marketing to change that.

Regarding Catalina support - we’re testing that in our labs and the current plan is that we will release Continuum 2020 with support for Mac OS Catalina. We expect to make that release happen very soon but as always, we strongly suggest to users of our products that they ensure full host compatibility with the new OS version before updating the system.


Hi Peter,

Thank you for your quick reply. So to be clear, there will be no update to Continuum 2019 for Catalina?


We don’t have any plans at this time to update Continuum 2019.