Category search on the forum

The Category selection for the forum only allows for one selection (e.g. Mocha Pro, Continuum, Sapphire). It would be great if there were multiple choices so that we could choose which products we are interested in. For me, I would really prefer to select my choices of Mocha Pro (OFX), BCC (OFX) and Particle Illusion.

A too specific level of granularity can be difficult to navigate on user forums but we will see what we can do regarding this forum package and a search feature. It may be possible, but we will have to look into it. I have forwarded this to our website team to investigate. We can not guarantee any change in functionality or a timeline for any changes, however. Thank you for the feedback.

Many thanks, Mary. I know it will never be on top of the ‘to do’ list, but the ability to select ‘favorite’ forum products would be helpful.