CC Plugin. PC. There is no exports>Export Tracking Data button

Please someone let me know how to get a nice Export Tracking Data button in my Mocha AE menu for copy and paste.
See the below capture.
Thank you in advance.

Hi there,

The button isn’t missing. The Mocha AE CC Plugin Interface allows users to apply shapes or tracks with the single click of a button. No more copying and pasting, or pasting in data on the wrong frame. Mocha’s plugin interface allows seamless data conversion between Mocha and After Effects.

You still track and roto objects as normal in the plug-in, then save and close Mocha AE CC. To apply shapes or tracking data, simply open the Effects Controls Panel in After Effects, twirl the Mocha AE CC Effect down, then either “create AE masks” to apply shape data, or “create Track Data” to apply the tracking data. To apply a corner pin or tracking data to another layer, you you can simply select the export option in the dropdown menu, and then select the layer you want to export the data to in the dropdown menu, select your source and apply your export.

This eliminates copy and pasting errors common to previous versions. Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help you. You can find more in our documentation. Or you can read below.

Controlling Tracking Data

  • If you have a tracked layer in Mocha you can see the output of its surface back in the After Effects interface.
  • Each point in the Tracking Data section is a point from the layer surface that automatically updates when you modify it inside Mocha.
  • To choose a layer to create tracking data from, click the ‘Create Track Data’ button in the Tracking Data section of the plugin.
  • Then choose the layer you want to read tracking data from in the dialog that appears. You can only choose one layer at a time.
  • Once you click okay, the plugin will generate keyframes to populate the tracking parameters in the plugin. You can then use this data to copy to other layers, or link via expressions.
  • This option is only available in the After Effects version of the plugin.
  • Generating keyframe data can take some time for very long shots. You can cancel generation at any time when the progress bar appears.

Applying Tracking Data Exports to Other layers

  • The plugin interface also allows you to apply tracking data to other layers without needing to export from the Mocha GUI.
  • Do do this, you generate the tracking data from a layer, as described above in Controlling Tracking D
  • You can then choose an export option at the bottom of the Tracking Data se
    1.Corner Pin: A standard corner pin effect
    2.Corner Pin: (Supports Motion Blur): A corner pin distortion with separate scale, rotation and position.
    3.Transform: Scale, position and rotation
  • Clicking ‘Apply Export’ then copies the information to the specified layer.

Similarly, you can apply the shape data with the click of the “apply shape data” button in the plugin interface.

Controlling Mattes

Once you have tracked layers in Mocha, you can then control the mattes for these
layers back in the plugin interface.

  • View Matte: Show the black and white matte from the Mocha layers chosen. This is very useful if you want to just see any problems with the matte, or you want to use the output as a track matte.
  • Apply Matte: Applies the chosen mattes to the current layer.
  • Visible Layers: This button launches the Visible Layers dialog so you can select the layers you want visible as mattes.
  • Shape: This drop down lets you switch between All Visible and All mattes. All Visible mattes are controlled by the Visible Layers dialog.
  • Feather: Applies a blur to the matte. This feathering is independent of the feathering of the individual layers inside Mocha.
  • Invert Mask: Inverts the currently visible mattes.
  • Create AE Mask: Creates native AE splines on the effect layer just like “Paste Mocha mask” used to. This function is only available in After Effects.


You can now find these two videos covering Mocha AE 2019.

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