CC Power pin option option please

Hi, I wonder if there would be a consideration to implement CC Power pin as an option in addition to corner pin right in the mocha interface. it is for all intents and purposes a native effect in Ae, it is far superior to Corner pin: supports motion blur through the pins, has the invaluable “unstretch” option for reverse stabilze workflow where regular corner pin with “invert” in mocha would break, has the nice guides for horizontal and vertical accuracy. it is great :slight_smile:

I am aware of the copy paste process and ability to create expressions and even presets to link the properties faster, and that this option exists in 3rd party tools, but I think this is such a useful feature that should be accessible through the native mocha plugin.

what do you think?


Would you like to join our beta testing group for Mocha Pro 2019.5? :grinning:

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Grinning back, heck yes!

David Baertsch

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of course. beta for life :metal:

Thank you for 2019.5! :slight_smile:

I have to cool off my enthusiasm :frowning: it seems the power pin export only comes with “transform” flavor… i.e it adds position, scale, rotation. I can’t see why is that an option, MB is enabled for this effect as is and it does not need these transform keyframes. this makes the reverse stabilization workflow with CC Power pin useless because you can’t use the unstretch feature… please give an option CC Power pin only…

in the meantime I still going to have to use my KBAR with my power pin preset instead…

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That’s good info we need to know, thank you. Tagging @martinb so we can add it to the list.

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Yup, happy to fix this, or even have it as a separate option. We’ll look into it

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Alternatively - get Matthias Mohl’s excellent MochaImport+ script from AEScripts. That gives you a lot more ways to use your mocha tracking data - including the automatic creation of Stabilised Precomps. It’s an essential part of my workflow

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thanks Dan, it’s a great script but I like to keep things native when I can. having the cc power pin option will help making things faster without having to link the effect to mocha. for now, cc power pin uses transform properties which I can’t see the advantage of why is this useful. hope the option will be there soon, but I do have a KBAR button which at the push of the button basically does the same thing this feature is supposed to do.

v6.1.1 is now released and contains the change to Power Pin to only keyframe on the effect, not the transforms.

Let us know if this works for you. :slight_smile:

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Great! thanks for the very prompt delivery of this!
I have checked it and it works great. can get rid of my KBAR preset :slight_smile:
my reverse stabilization workflow is now complete
and don’t have to use expressions with Mocha Pro. hopefully this will be an option with Mocha Ae in future Ae versions, in the meantime the expression work around is a solid one too, made this a few days ago:

don’t forget to update Aescripts with 6.1.1 too…