Change Cache Folder Location

Is there a way to point my the Silhouette and Silhouette Paint Cache Folder to a different folder?


Yes! Set the SFX_TEMP environment variable.

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Hi Paul, thanks for that. I now see that the “Show Internal Variables” was unchecked, so I had no idea about these folder paths. Is this box unchecked by default? I don’t remember ever unchecking this box.

I see there is also the SFX_CACHE_PATH. Intuitively I’d be inclined to change this location, but you’re saying to only point the SFX_TEMP to the new folder, correct? What does the SFX_CACHE_PATH relate to?

Thanks for the help!

Show Internal Variables is unchecked by default. This just shows you the default variables that Silhouette sets. If you add your own variable, for instance, SFX_TEMP pointed to a different location, it will use it instead.

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Hi, how do I actually change the SFX_TEMP variable, I can’t seem to edit it or anything when I double click. Thanks for the help!

See page of 835 of the user guide for more information.

Press the + button and create a variable called SFX_TEMP and point it to the desired directory. This new variable will be used instead of the internal variable.

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Thanks Marco!