Change Frame range in OFX Plugin?

Just checking in again. Any ideas? We’re under a tight deadline on this so I gotta jump in and do it all again if there isn’t solve.

@bowserlm If you click the “Zoom to full frame range” button, is the rest of the timeline there?

No, it refuses to update the footage streams here.


If it’s not, here’s what you should do:

  1. Export out the Mocha Project from the file menu in Mocha
  2. Close
  3. Delete the Mocha node
  4. Apply a new node
  5. Open mocha GUI
  6. Merge the saved project

great lemme give that a try

Even creating a brand new Mocha node, it still wants to be stuck at 9 frames

see this demo.

It’s only seeing the orig 9 frames like you say,
Sorry just read Martins comment, i had a look at mine but Mocha is only seeing 25 frames of a 5sec clip :man_shrugging:

Okay, that seems like a Fusion issue. If we’re only receiving 9 frames there must be something set up further up the node graph.

I’ll try to narrow down why the project range wouldn’t extend.

We had to change some things for Fusion in v9.0.2 to make it see frame edits in Resolve, but that shouldn’t be an issue. Try Installing v9.0.1 to see if it goes away.

There is nothing in the node graph. You can see that I’m going from the Loader straight into Mocha Pro

This is Fusion 17, not 9

@Gid.Joiner That’s a separate issue. We currently are talking to the BMD team about that as it’s an error on their side. If you trim even the first frame of the clip you get the whole range, so they are not doing something correctly there.

Also this is Fusion Studio, nothing to do with Resolve at all.

I mean Mocha v9.0.2 and v9.0.1, not Fusion.

copy that. Let me try that.

Is there a place to find legacy versions?

Thanks, I’ll let you sort @bowserlm out, i’m not in any rush, best of luck :+1:

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There a place to uninstall?

Go to “Add or Remove programs” in Windows ot remove the OFX plugin.

Just press start and start typing “add or remove” and it should appear.