Change 'Link to track' on multiple layers at the same time

I noticed that when I select multiple layers together, I can change the layer colors all at the same time, but it doesn’t seem to work for changing the ‘Link to track’ dropdown. The only ‘Link to track’ that gets updated is the last layer I command+click on. I see that I can’t change the Edge Width on multiple clips because it gets grayed out, but shouldn’t the the ‘Link to track’ be grayed out too if this is what is intended?

Ideally could you please update Mocha Pro to allow for picking multiple layers to update to the same ‘Link to track’ and ‘Edge Width’ on a single pick, just like the layer color rather than one by one?


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This is a good feature request and I will let @martinb know more folks are asking for it, I think it has been on our wish list for a little while.


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Thanks Mary!!