Change Ratio of planar surface tool doesn't keep proportions

When I change the ratio of my planar surface to 16:9, it does not keep the right “proportions”, it is no longer correctly aligned to the surface as it was before the ratio change.
Any ideas ?
Thanks !

That’s because if actually changes the proportions to the 16:9 ratio

But can’t it create a 16:9 ratio that keeps the right alignment to the surface I created before changing the ratio?
(which I finally do myself: once the 16:9 ratio is created I realign it manually but I don’t necessarily have a perfect 16:9 anymore…)
So I don’t understand what is the point of this ratio change option since it only really works when you have a surface that is in front. If the surface is in perspective, the alignment created is immediately lost.

This is to set the base aspect ratio for the insert, but you may still need to move the surface around to get the alignment perfect.

However, we have a feature request to be able to lock the aspect ratio after you have selected it to make it easier to align.

Here’s a video entirely dedicated to the surface tool you might find helpful

Ok, thank you very much for your answers and i can’t wait to have the “lock aspect ratio” feature :wink:

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