Change Resolution in Mocha to fit with After

I regulary work with proxy footage (512x88).
My final projects are always in 1920x1980n, because except this proxy footage, all the others elements are still HD, and i replace at the end the proxy footage to HD
So I also always starts in after with a 1920x1980 project and i resize the proxy footage in the comp.
My problem is when i go working in Mocha.
While the plugin do the job by opening the footage as a “fake 1920x1980” footage (due to the 1920x1980 After Comp where i resized the footage), the original Mocha Pro, with i regullary work separately, open the footage in its native resolution 512x88.
How to deal with it in order to change the resolution ?

This question because i would like to work properly from the beginning and not to :
1 track in 512x88
2 go back to After in a 512x88 comp
3 resize this comp to 1920x1980 to work in the final 1920x1980 comp
4 relink in Mocha the proxy footage to the HD footage
5 change everything again in After…

Thank you very much

Hi! What version of Mocha are you using? There’s different ways to deal with this depending on whether it is Mocha Pro, Mocha AE, and a plugin or the standalone version. Can you go to “about mocha” and send me that information?


Hi Mary !
My version is Mocha VR 5.5.1 build 13127
I use the standalone version
(as i said, with the plugin via After, my problem is solved, but i don’t use it, i am not yet familiar with it…)

OK, perfect, you should be able to adjust the resolution by relinking the clip in the clip tab like you have been doing however, moving forward, since you don’t want to use that tedious workflow you can simply load the HD footage in mocha and AE, use AE’s proxy mode, and then change the proxy mode in mocha from 1:1 to 1:4 in the upper Mocha toolbar. This will read your files in proxy mode while keeping the full aspect ratio and res.

And yes, obviously, just working in the plugin would solve this as well because you could work in 1/4 mode in AE, and just launch the Mocha VR plugin and it would read your 1/4 proxy mode.

Those are your workflow options. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your answer Mary.

you can simply load the HD footage in mocha and AE, use AE’s proxy mode

What i didn’t specify is that if i work with proxy, it is because it is my only choice : in a first time i have always a low resolution to start (working remotely, they send me the videos in low resolution), and then only, few days later i get back the HD version.
So unfortunately, i always start this way not to waste any time.
Is there a solution with this specific case ?