Change Resolution

Is it possible to change resolution and aspect ratio(2.40 to 1.78) on an existing track and retaining

And/or is there documentation on the coordinate system for values written to the shape4ae file?


I am afraid you can’t change the aspect ratio on shots without having your shapes realign incorrectly. You will need to restart the file from scratch and see if you can import your shape data and use the uber key to align your shapes properly. If you need to change frame rate, that’s doable in file>project settings.


Are you on the latest mocha V4, 4.1.3? We fixed a few PAR issues in 4.1.1.

A number of additional PAR issues have been fixed in the upcoming V5.

If you have a big project that you don’t really want to redo, email me and I will get you onto the V5 beta to test: martinb[at]

Thank you both for the replies.

We are not changing the Pixel Aspect Ratio. That will stay at 2.0.

We are just doing a center crop. So I am changing the image proportions by chopping off the left and right sides. We track to a very wide 4096x854 image but do final renders at 2048x854.

The trackers/roto artists wanted to use the plates that were not cropped because they wanted to keep as much info as possible. This approach works very well for 3D camera trackers and is useful for 2D trackers/roto artists when an object leaves the cropped area.


If you just want to letterbox the plate you can go to the Clip module in mocha and use the “Display” tab to adjust the crop mask. This will only crop the plate, not resize it.