Change smoke-speed for "super sparky smoke01"

Is it possible to change the smoke Velocity for this predefinded particle illusion?
the smoke is too fast for me, but all Velocity key i change do not change the smoke speed, only the spread or dense.

is that even possible?

sorry for my english…

Try increasing the “Life”.

Also drill down into the “smoke” properties and lower the weight. That combined with life will give you slower moving longer lasting smoke.

If you haven’t gone through the new tutorial videos, I highly recommend them.


thank your for the tip with “live”
it make the smoke only smaller or larger, not slower.

i try to combine a smoke an a fire… or try to make a new preset… but seems to be really hard…

@cfeuz see my last reply

Like @michaelh said – the video tutorials will REALLY help with this.

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Trank you for the help. I will try your tipps soon a possible.

now i have Play with the weight Ibetween -1 and -3 they are a lot difference), life, Velocity and force to decrease the smoke speed. now for me its nice. i think i was showing all the tutorial for understand the hole particle making.

thanx a lot for all helps.

greetings from switzerland.