Change source resolution

Is there a way to change resolution of a project that has been started in 4k to 8k so that roto etc will still work.
Thanks for any help with this, its a little urgent :slight_smile:

@TimH Today is your lucky day. Yes, you can change the resolution of your roto.

Please do the following:

  • Export the shapes from the 4K session as Silhouette Shapes
  • Create a 8K session and import the 8k footage
  • Add a Roto node and import the 4K shapes

The 4K shapes will be automatically resized to the 8K resolution.

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Thank you so much will try it. does this apply to tracking data also or is that lost?

Any word on the tracking data and how to get that to translate to the new session?

When you export Silhouette shapes, the associated tracking data applied to layers is also exported.

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