Changing animation speed in Particle Illusion

Is there a single parameter that changes the speed of the animation? For example, if I have footage that’s 59.94fps and it is slowed to 29.97fps on the host timeline, I’d like an effect such as fire to move half as fast so it looks naturally added to the footage.

I originally thought the velocity parameter would have been the setting I needed, but it doesn’t appear to be. Is there a setting within Particle Illusion to do this, or is the only current workaround to use something like Sapphire Retime or Twixtor to interpolate the animation?

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Unfortunately there is no single slider that let’s you speed up or slow down the entire animation, but that is a feature request we have logged going forward. However, here is a reply from Alan Lorence to a similar question from the earlier beta channel. If this doesn’t help, please send us a sample preset/project file and we can take a look.

I’ll try messing around with those settings. Thanks for the response.