Changing default clone overlay view


I’m looking to change the default clone source overlay from Onion Skin to Align. Or, create a new key bind specifically for the clone Align view. Anyone know how to do this?

Thank you!


You can change the default by editing your resources/scripts/ file. Look for “toggleOnionSkin()” and just above that change the default from fx.paint.View_Onion to fx.paint.View_Align.

If you are running 2022.5, instead of editing the file, you can paste this whole blob of code into the Startup Script preference in the Scripting prefs page:

# desired default clone view mode
clone_view_mode = fx.paint.View_Onion

def toggleOnionSkin():
    global clone_view_mode
    current_mode = fx.paint.cloneViewMode
    if current_mode == fx.paint.View_Normal:
        current_mode = clone_view_mode
        # save the current state for later
        clone_view_mode = current_mode
        current_mode = fx.paint.View_Normal
    fx.paint.cloneViewMode = current_mode

    # disable quick mode when doing this
    if fx.viewer.toolName == "Clone":
        cmds = ["translate", "rotate", "scale"]
        for c in cmds:
            if fx.viewer.queryTool(c) == True:
                fx.viewer.toolCommand(c, False)

fx.bind("CapsLock", toggleOnionSkin)