Changing host, possibly to Avid, do all plugins work in Avid?

Hi, sorry I didn’t know which forum to put this,
I’m considering switching hosts, poss to Avid.
I’m going through your 10 pages of videos now, i’m presuming that because there’s 10 pages that my question will get a positive answer :+1:
I have all 5 of your main products & OFX plugins,
Continuum, Sapphire, Silhouette Standalone + Plugin,
Mocha Pro Standalone + Plugin, Optics,
will all work in Avid?

Davinci Resolve. Is it because Vegas disappointed you so much that you need to change Host?

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I already have Resolve, it’s a good program but not everything works well there, esp Mocha,
Reg Vegas - yes i didn’t want to say it but yes :unamused:
I’ve used Magix Edit Pro Plus since 2004, slowly upgraded to Magix Edit Pro Premium a few yrs ago, the renewal each yr is only about £50 so i’ve kept it up to date.
A month ago i got an update for MEP Premium, so after installing the update i had a play with it,
It played 4k vids at good resolution on the preview perfectly, no proxy or prerender added, crossfades were flawless first time played & even adding simple fx’s didn’t really slow it down,
I put together a 25min 4k project with 12-15 clips with a crossfade on each, it rendered them @ 4k in 5.41mins :+1:

I put together the same 12-15 clips with crossfades in Vegas, rendered at the same 4k res & bitrate settings, it took 14mins :unamused:

Today i put a 4k 3840x2160 60p clip in Vegas, added S_BlurMoCurves, playback went down to 18fps with the preview screen at Good (Full), it went up to 50fps in Good (Auto) but that image in the preview isn’t good, for these sort of fx’s you need a good image in the screen, the best i could was 58fps in Draft (Auto) & that’s like looking through mud.

In Vegas the adjustment control points on the screen are tiny & hard to see,
you can’t work off screen with those points because there’s no preview screen zoom,
S_Builder & S_Transition selected parameters don’t show back in Vegas,
Mocha severely slows down Vegas playback,
there’s more that could be better with Vegas…

MEP, Resolve & i have Hitfilm Pro, none are officially supported by Boris, i don’t think,
Nuke costs too much for me, & Adobe is sub based, i don’t want to be paying like that,
So that leaves Avid pretty much.

I basically want to use my Boris fx’s to their fullest.

Sorry about the length but you asked :joy:

& Boris delete this if you feel it shouldn’t be here :+1:

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Have you try Magix Video Pro, It seems to support OpenFX.