Changing location of results folder

HI Mochaneers

I’d like to keep a clean pipieline and in each shot folder have a ‘mocha’ folder for the shot in question.
When I use the Mocha to Nuke script to send a plate to Mocha is there a way of making it so it will save the project above the source in its own folder? currently I can only get it to set it in a location downstream from the plate, which means it is amongst the frames and not very clean.

so instead of


it would be


Hopefully this makes sense!


Just change your Output directory in preferences to “Absolute Path” if you want projects to be saved to a specific location rather than relative to the footage:

I’m not sure about the “Send to Mocha” script in Nuke though, as that specifically sends Mocha Standalone the footage path via command line arguments, which might override it.

Try the above out with the script and see if that works.

Could we get an enhancement request added to make the destination folder a per-project preference with a global default?

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Sure, we can add a request.
The file path is specifically set up when you make the project so the location is defined up-front, which makes it more difficult to make it per project.
One way we could alleviate this is with some form of an environment variable or additional command line argument if you’re only ever loading Mocha via arguments.

You could also potentially script this with Python as we have a fairly modifiable settings API for preferences:

For example, you can set absolute_output_dir to define a specific path at runtime via the Python API.


By the way, just so you’re aware, you can also set your structure using standard path syntax.

For example, using ../../results in the relative setup, like this:

Will save the results folder 2 levels up from the footage path.

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