Changing size of project afterwards


Is it possible to change the size/resolution of a mocha project afterwards ?

I worked in After with a 720x408 project, i made a track in mocha, so in 720x408.

The track is for glasses where i want to put some snow on the glasses

But my problem : my snow texture is a HD picture and in after the resolution is bad because the track is integrated in a 720x408 comp…

I know, it’s a beginner error, i wanted to go to fast :frowning:

So : is there a way to go back ?

Thanks a lot

It depends on what version of mocha you’re in, are you in the standalone, the plugin, or the free version that comes with AE? You should just be able to reload the footage in the latest versions of mocha and you can adjust project settings. Try that and let us know.

Hi Mary,

I’m working on the standalone, V 5.0.0 build 12092.

In the project settings the only parameters are : length frame, first frame offset and frame rate

What happens when you relink the new, larger footage?

Everything worked !

In fact I didn’t know that the resolution of a project (and all its components) were automatically updated by Mocha with a simple relink with absolutely nothing else to do !

I thought I had to manually change parameters of resolution and so many things…

Great Mocha :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help Mary !

Happy to help, have a great day. :slight_smile: