Changing start frame from 0 to 1

I am using Mocha Pro 2022.5 in Autodesk Flame as an OFX, and I cannot for the life of me get Mocha to start from frame 1. I have googled endlessly trying to find the solution.
In the Classic workspace, under parameters there is the clip tab, and in there you can change it from frames to timecode, and under that is clip frame offset, which to me seemed the logical place to change it , but this is greyed out for some reason, so no joy…
Next under preferences, is the clip tab, and in there is the ‘fixed frame offset’, so I thought, yes! that must be it. I changed this number, but again it made no difference to the start frame.
Today I have given up and I am turning to the forum hoping someone can tell me how simple it is, and how stupid I have been for not seeing it in front of me.
If possible can some shed some light on this simple but extremely frustrating problem.


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Hello. It is grayed out because it should inherit the timecode from the host you’re working in.
Does your Flame composition starts from frame 1?

Hi, yes all my flame shots start on frame 1, however Mocha always starts on frame 0 irrespective, and I’d love to be able to change it.

Ok, I see. This seems to be a long going problem with Flame specifically. One thing I need to clarify: once you export the data back to Flame, does it align correctly with the footage or do you have to manually move it +1 frame?

No everything is fine when I have exported the data, it’s just that I end up always having to ‘work out’ (I know it’s only one frame!) when going into Mocha what frame I should be setting my ref frame on… I know it’s simple but I just get a mental block and I always have to double check, which quite frankly is a bit tiresome, instead of, you know, it just working as it should from frame 1

Hi @grantconnor, sorry for long answer. I investigated on that question. The problem seems to be that once the OFX plugin is used, Flame always passes 0 as the initial value of this range, which we can’t control.
This issue has been addressed to Flame some time ago, but I need to check with the team if there was any changes on that so far, and will let you know.


Ok thank you.