Channel Ops / Custom Tool

Silhouette has a large selection of nodes for keying and manipulation. But I noticed that there is no channel ops node (other than copy/swap). Math comp gets somewhat close, but doesn’t work on individual channels. Is there a reason for that? Or maybe I overlooked one?

When you dive deeper into VFX there are so many different techniques where custom nodes are assembled from individual operations. Fusion has the custom tool and channel ops tools, Mistika also has a channel ops node. While it’s nice that Silhouette already has the ready-made tools for many of these cases, it would be nice to have the raw tools as well.

@jan If Math Composite worked on individual channels, would that work for you?

Hi Marco,

Sorry for the delay in responding.

I think the other thing that may be missing is a ‘Divide’ along with the multiply. There have been a few specific node tress I’ve been looking at. But I would think that others may come, so if the node is enhanced it would be nice to open it up further.

One node tree is from Steve Wright’s book about a GS correction matte that uses a ‘Divide’. The other is a custom Frequency Separation tree from Simon Upsdell’s videos. That allows a full math formula for each RGBA channel as in Fusion, including sqrt and max/min.

Right now I can do these things in Fusion. But Silhouette is a lot more in my workflow and getting the ability to make more custom functions from basic blocks in Silhouette would be nice. For me it’s a much more solid tool than Fusion :slight_smile:

But that’s definitely a nice to have, not a must have. I was just asking if there’s a reason not to have those, or if they’re somewhere on on the roadmap?


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Hi Jan, We have plans to add additional blend modes to the Math Composite node for the next feature release. We’ll also see about allowing the operations to occur on a per channel basis.

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